Linear Financial Services is the result of our desire to meet the needs of a promising and underrepresented market in the financial services industry.

After several years of combined experience working at various financial institutions, and with a variety of backgrounds in commerce, economics and accounting, we saw the need to address a growing demand in the industry – simple, understandable and quick credit solutions. Realising that it had not been adequately met by existing firms, our founders conceived of Linear Financial Services – an initiative in client-focussed finance.

In the autumn of 2017, this dream was realised. Since then, our client base has grown exponentially and in line with our expectations. As people previously employed in the finance sector, we understood the reservations clients had with service providers. Seeing easily solvable problems cause frustration was something our venture resolved to eliminate. Today our Credit Licencee status allows us to assist hundreds of consumers with personal loans, and continue to operate in line with our mandate for transparent and easy-to-understand financial assistance.

Our Values

Integrity: Linear Financial Services believes in honest, transparent and consistent service. Our organisation is built on trust and mutual understanding.

Consideration: Our staff are trained and experienced in providing a confidential and understanding environment. We realise that each circumstance should be approached uniquely, as no two clients are alike.

Fairness: We strive to operate efficiently and effectively, resulting in a competitive and impartial service to our valued clients.


Our mission is to enable people to realise their full potential. We consider our mission statement a commitment to our customers. We deliver on that commitment by striving to provide financial solutions that are accessible to everyone. Linear Financial Services aims to be an industry leader in providing services that are transparent and easy to understand.